Free the Donuts

Leavitt’s Country Bakery is being extorted by local authoritarians.

In June, 2022, the bakery allowed local high school students to paint a colorful 91 foot mural above its entryway. Depicting various baked goods and a rising sun, the town of Conway decided that the mural is a sign for advertising and not a work of art, and has got to go. In true arbitrary fashion, they insist the mural would be allowed were it smaller, or even if it were above the farm stand next door. Just not where it is on the property of the bakery.

While Conway sits as the thirds most crime-ridden town in New Hampshire, rather than find better things to do the local government has denied appeals to the local ordinance and is insisting on compliance. The owner, Sean Young, faces fines of $275 each day that the mural remains.

Enforcing such a rule is not only a violation of the bakery owners constitutional right to Free Speech, but also their natural right to property. The bakery visibly has the support of the local townsfolk, and their mural isn’t harming anything but the sensibilities of government busybodies.

Thankfully, the Institute for Justice has taken up the case and is bringing forward a Federal Lawsuit against Conway.

This Monday at Noon, join the Free State Food Network and other liberty lovers at Leavitt’s Country Bakery in a show of support. We’ll come from all over the state to recognize that we won’t be bullied by small town thugs.

Leavitt’s Country Bakery is located at:
564 White Mountain Hwy, Conway, NH 03818

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