Creation of the Free State Food Network

Published 9/26/2021

With the turmoil the food industry has faced in the past year, and the surge in growth of the Free State Project, freedom loving food industry professionals have decided to team up.

The Free State Food Network is a voluntary, membership-based, trade association representing the freedom loving food industry in New Hampshire. Our membership consists of restaurateurs, food & beverage managers, farmers, and similar professionals. Our goals are as follows:

To Strengthen our free state food system through collaboration and community.

To Link freedom-minded food producers and professionals with the broader community.

To Build a network of like minded food professionals to collectively share best practices in order to better current endeavors.

To Advocate against government involvement in the New Hampshire food system.

We can all do better in our individual niches when we share ideas and collaborate on projects. Examples of how this network will work together includes sharing information on vendors, referring customer groups, hosting job fairs, organizing a food sovereignty expo, teaching gardening seminars, and sponsoring agorist markets.

Because of the rise in the number of “liberty reps” in the New Hampshire statehouse, we are also in a prime position right now to push back against the government. Your average citizen probably doesn’t realize just how much micromanaging the state and local governments perform against us in our food businesses, but I’m certain you’ll agree that their meddling is a weight preventing us from thriving as much as we should. The public will side with us on our issues as evidenced with recent successes pushing back brewery sales restrictions. Now is our chance to fight back against the anti-competitive behavior that bothers us the most.

With a united network, we will also be able to take a better stand as an industry when threats arise. For example, this past year when certain businesses were extorted with fines for not following ridiculous emergency orders. We could have used an organized group to help defend them, provide expert opinion to reporters, and rally our freedom loving supporters.

If you are a food industry individual that believes in freedom please consider joining today at

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