Bill Watch: HB 2022-2016

This bill is currently a Legislative Service Request (LSR) for 2022. LSR’s are filings made by legislators to have bills proposed and drafted. We’ll be able to see actual bill text later in the year. For now, here is the perspective those looking for more freedom might have with the available information.

Summary: “Establishing a committee to study regulations applicable to small businesses selling food.”

The Free State Food Network has been provided a direct explanation of this LSR from its sponsor:

Because the regulations regarding the selling of food are very confusing, sometimes illogical, and often costly and burdensome to small businesses, I believe it is time to assess the rules made by DHHS concerning food licensing regarding and what can and cannot be sold under different licensing.

I submitted this LSR for 2022 that creates a study committee to accomplish the following:

A Study of Regulations for Small Businesses Selling Food

The purpose of the Committee would be to studying the regulations and rule making for food safety rules with regard ot licensing for food sales for small businesses. The committee shall produce a report that would identify problems for businesses caused by food safety rules, whether or not food safety rules can be simplified, modified and/or discarded for small businesses which sell food, and identify what future legislative actions, if any, are necessary to solve problems faced by small businesses that sell food. The committee should hear testimony from the public, small businesses, and farmers as well as representatives from DES, DHHS and Department of Markets and Foods regarding Food Safety Rules and Licensure.

Representative Judy Aron

Hopefully the committee will take note that the small businesses that sell food in our state are already over-regulated and will take steps to reduce licensure requirements, fees, inspections, permits, and subsidies. When this committee is created we will have to make sure that our network floods it with anti-regulation testimony. Representative Aron has an A+ rating with the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, so I have a positive opinion of her motivations with this LSR.

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