Food Bills Spring 2022

Use this guide to make recommendations to the legislature in New Hampshire in ways that best help our food industry.

Support – HB1556Relative to on-premise and off-premise sales at a beverage manufacturer’s facility. This bill allows beverage manufacturers to serve samples. Not a lot of freedom is earned with this bill, but it will benefit these businesses. 

Support HB337Relative to on-premises cigar, beverage, and liquor licenses.
Cigar bars are currently prevented from serving food. This bill will delete the text preventing them from doing so. This is a common sense bill. Businesses should not be prohibited from offering food just because they sell cigars, and this will expand our food industry in New Hampshire.  

Support HB1043Establishing a committee to study regulations applicable to small businesses that sell food. It is important that our food network be represented better in the state legislative process. Other areas of the state have seen lots of progress with deregulation whereas the food industry has seen a loss of liberty.

This committee is focused on:

I.  State and local regulations, including food licensing and food safety rules, applicable to small businesses that sell food.  

II.  The problems caused by the current food safety rules for small businesses.

III.  Whether food safety rules can be simplified and/or modified for small businesses that sell food.

IV.  Identify what future legislative actions, if any, are necessary to address the problems faced by small businesses that sell food in order to comply with current state and local requirements.

V.  Solicit information and testimony from the public, small business owners, and farmers, as well as representatives of the department of environmental services, the department of health and human services, and the department of agriculture, markets and food.

Please try to attend: Subcommittee Work Session: 02/24/2022 09:00 am LOB 302-304

Oppose HB65Requiring food service establishments to establish food allergy awareness procedures. Adding new allergy procedures might seem like a reasonable requirement on the surface but in practicality only adds to the death-by-1000-cuts which is already strangling our food industry in New Hampshire. Ultimately, food establishments already have a high incentive not to injure their customers and customers already have a high incentive to inform their server of their allergies, based upon their own desire for self preservation. 

Support HB314Relative to homestead food operation licensure. This bill will increase the amount homesteading food operations can make in revenue from $20,000 to $35,000. Increasing this dollar amount is great, lets keep pushing it higher. 

Oppose HB1595Relative to establishing a statewide food truck license. This bill creates a license that all food trucks in the state will need to apply and pay for, hires staff to be in charge of issuing this license, and claims to generate revenue for the state. We should oppose any additional licensing for food as they are further burdens upon our businesses, and we should oppose any growth of the state such as hiring more staff would entail. 

This article contains links to GenCourtMobile. GenCourtMobile is a tool designed for New Hampshire liberty activists. It’s a web app that makes it easier to keep track of legislation, committee hearings, and legislator details on your phone.

This link has all the email addresses of your representatives if you would like to contact them:

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