Food Freedom Guide

The first edition of the Free State Food Freedom Guide has been printed!

Check out this beautiful full-color magazine as your resource for the freedom loving farms, restaurants and food entrepreneurs of the Free State Food Network to support in New Hampshire.

Learn which restaurant in Lincoln stood up to the covid19 mandates, where to get local honey and beef, or who’s teaching how to “make root beer the old way.”

More than 400 copies have already been given out for free to intrigued lovers of food and freedom. Keep your eyes peeled at events or swing by a participating business like the Independence Inn (Strafford, NH) to get your own copy.

While our physical edition is the most beautiful, a digital version available on our website as well at

This magazine is a part of efforts to promote freedom in New Hampshire’s food industry and help participating Free State Food Network members succeed in their ventures. The goals of the Free State Food Network are as follows:

To Strengthen our free state food system through collaboration and community.

To Link freedom-minded food producers and professionals with the broader community.

To Build a network of like minded food professionals to collectively share best practices in order to better current endeavors.

To Advocate against government involvement in the New Hampshire food system.

If you are a food industry professional and are excited by these ideas then please consider joining us today.

The guide and Free State Food Network is supported through your donations and magazine advertisements. Interested in becoming an advertiser? Email your inquiry to

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