Food Bill Hearings 1/9/24

Free State Food Network
Week of January 9, 2024
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Below are the upcoming bills that either grow or restrict the freedom of the food industry in New Hampshire along with their upcoming hearing dates. Unless otherwise specified, all hearings are in the Concord Legislative Office Building on the third floor.

01/9 01:15 PM
This bill bans and restricts single-use disposable plastic foodware accessories.
1/9 10:00 AM
This bill makes it a felony to sell agricultural land to anyone associated with China.

1/9 10:00 AM (Second Floor)
This bill dramatically increases the barrier to new or increased licensing fees.

1/9 12:00 PM (Second Floor)
This bill lowers the meals & rooms tax from 8.5% to 7.5%.

01/11 02:15 pm
This bill enables beer refillable containers.


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