The Cult of the State

If the government provides you with toxic “sludge” for your farm, encourages you to spread it on your fields, then years later decides the sludge contains an invisible poison, shutting you down…and you say things like “I’m proud of how the state stepped up to support farmers!”…then you might be in a cult.

Being thankful that the government is shutting down your business and is buying your land at whatever price they deem best is a response more fitting to Stockholm Syndrome than rational thought.

But, this is exactly the situation in our neighbors to the north.

The “As A Man Thinketh PODCAST – Making Sense of Agriculture and Society” has video that does a good job summarizing the craziness of Maine shutting down 50 farms over PFAS concerns.

LINK to Video
Read this Article about how the Maine “Department of Environmental Protection” created this supposed problem in the first place.

Culturally, Maine is regarded as a top state for food freedom. But if they’re shutting down farms, then it’s big government as usual. Don’t think that Maine is unusual in its attack on farmers, this trend is growing across the nation. For example, in Oregon they’re shutting down farms over paper thin excuses of groundwater protection. Read More Here.

Thankfully, in New Hampshire we have the Free State Food Network to provide support and keep us living free.

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