Farm Product Map

Exciting News!

The Free State Food Network is helping collaborate with the University of New Hampshire’s Farm Product Map.

In 2020, the UNH Extension began building an interactive online map of New Hampshire Farms. As food shortages and the fragility of our supply chain became apparent they sought to encourage shopping local. I think this is a great idea; coincidentally in 2020 I built a website for showing which Seacoast New Hampshire independent restaurants opened up for takeout or delivery during the government forced business shutdown.

While a publicly funded university is not an ideal food system pillar for a network based upon freedom, at the Free State Food Network we are realists with regards to working within the systems we have. In the past the University of New Hampshire has supplied us with guest speakers for our Farmer & Homesteader Meetups. Now, we’ll utilize their mapping resource and the reach of their platform to spotlight our liberty friendly farms.

Submit your farm listing to their map, view the map, or see where our Food Freedom Guide is hosted on their site with the buttons below:


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