Stephen Nass

Founder of the Free State Food Network. Owner at The Independence Inn. Board President & Founder of The Shell Community Center. Free State Project Ambassador and Seacoast Liberty Organizer. Phone or Signal: 608 444 5896

Free the Donuts

Leavitt’s Country Bakery is being extorted by local authoritarians. In June, 2022, the bakery allowed local high school students to paint a colorful 91 foot mural above its entryway. Depicting various baked goods and a rising sun, the town of Conway decided that the mural… Read More »Free the Donuts

Video: GMO Debate

A contested issue within the liberty community: Genetically Modified Organisms. A debate at the Shell (libertarian community center) about Genetically Modified Organisms. Synopsis: GMOs are becoming more prevalent, and the debate rages: Have GMOs delivered on their promises? Do they pose serious threats? Join Stephen… Read More »Video: GMO Debate

FSFN Makes Local News

Free State Food Network testimony against a minimum wage hike made the local news. Democrat lawmakers are attempting to raise the minimum wage in the state, and our food network showed up in opposition. See the link below for the local news coverage. While the… Read More »FSFN Makes Local News

Food Bill Hearings 1/10/23

Free State Food NetworkJanuary 10, 2023Request for Support Below are the upcoming bills that either grow or restrict the freedom of the food industry in New Hampshire. Unless otherwise specified, all hearings are in the Concord Legislative Office Building on the third floor. HB173-Support1/12 11… Read More »Food Bill Hearings 1/10/23

Bill To Watch: HB345

This bill has already passed into New Hampshire law, but our food industry needs to set its sights on undoing HB345., “An act establishing a license for mushroom harvesters.” Signed this summer by our Governor under the justification of playing along with national regulations, this… Read More »Bill To Watch: HB345