Farm Product Map

Exciting News! The Free State Food Network is helping collaborate with the University of New Hampshire’s Farm Product Map. In 2020, the UNH Extension began building an interactive online map of New Hampshire Farms. As food shortages and the fragility of our supply chain became… Read More »Farm Product Map

The Cult of the State

If the government provides you with toxic “sludge” for your farm, encourages you to spread it on your fields, then years later decides the sludge contains an invisible poison, shutting you down…and you say things like “I’m proud of how the state stepped up to… Read More »The Cult of the State

Food Freedom Guide

The first edition of the Free State Food Freedom Guide has been printed! Check out this beautiful full-color magazine as your resource for the freedom loving farms, restaurants and food entrepreneurs of the Free State Food Network to support in New Hampshire. Learn which restaurant… Read More »Food Freedom Guide